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Everything stays the same but composition, says Gertrude Stein. So, what is "everything," and what is "composition"? (For that matter, what is the "same"?) Everything is all that falls below the threshold of our attentiveness, what cheap remains as background, noise, the field of semblances, subsumed within habit. Composition is the raising and lowering of that threshold. In her "Reflection on the Atomic Bomb" Stein asserted that What is the use, if they are really as destructive as all that there is nothing left and if there is nothing there nobody to be interested and nothing to be interested about. If they are not as destructive as all that then they are just a little more or less destructive than other things and that means that in spite of all destruction there are always lots left on this earth to be jordans shoes interested or to be willing and the thing that destroys is just one of the things that concerns the people inventing it or the people starting it off, but really nobody else can do anything about it so you have to just live along like always, so you see the atomic [bomb] is not at all interesting The atomic bomb is the same as everything else that destroys if unleashed, it will kill 10 million, maybe 100 million, maybe more, but that's just some cheap jordans shoes free shipping amount more than is killed by a murderer or garden variety terrorist. If we go about living our lives when we hear about the latter, we will do the same when we hear about the former. Our lives may become different, but what do you mean by that at what point does more violence and destruction mark a qualitative transformation compared to the previous "level" of violence and destruction, and at what point does the bundle of activities comprising our daily habits, which is anyway always undergoing silent revolutions, become a different way of living? There are still lots of interesting things and lots of ways of being interested in them and the rest we can't do anything about.